WhatsApp is one of the most famous text messaging apps, which is more than a text messaging app. It allows you to send photos, videos, documents, contacts, and recently, WhatsApp introduced a sticker feature to add some fun while texting.  There are several WhatsApp Mods available that offers amazing features. FMWhatsApp Apk is another great WhatsApp Mod by Fouad Mods.

Even though WhatsApp has pretty much everything a regular user would ever need, but every feature has some limitations. The official version doesn’t allow you to download stories, send more than ten photographs, reduces the image and video quality while posting or uploading, and a lot of features that should be implemented in future updates.

FMWhatsApp Apk, a modded version of WhatsApp provides more features than normal WhatsApp does. You can download statuses, send more than ten photos at once, send videos of more than 16 MB, and much more. If you are looking for the best WhatsApp mod, FMWhatsApp by Fouad Mokdad gives a fierce competition to every other mod whether it is GBWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp.

If you are curious to install and give FMWhatsApp a try, read the full article. We have provided a specific piece of information on everything you need to know about the app before installing fm whatsapp latest version for Android.

What is FMWhatsapp?

FMWhatsApp is a modded version of online text messaging app, WhatsApp. Developed by Fouad Mokdad, This app puts off the restrictions of WhatsApp from you. It has more useful features than the original version of WhatsApp, and you can bypass the privacy features, media limitations, and change the annoying user interface of WhatsApp.

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The primary purpose of FMWhatsapp is to provide more control and flexibility to the user over the user interface and user experience of WhatsApp. Unlike every other mod, FMWhatsApp Apk v8.51 doesn’t ban your account. A recent anti-ban update prevents WhatsApp from detecting if you are using a mod. The developer releases timely updates which include new features and of course, some bug fixes.

If you ever face diffusely or find a bug, you can even join their telegram community, which is quite active, and the helpful members will help you to overcome the issue.

Features of FMWhatsApp v8.51 Apk

If you have already made up your mind to install FMWhatsApp, then we should give you an in-depth insight into the app features.

Customization: I bet no one likes the dull green user interface of WhatsApp. I hate that color. Therefore I prefer using Themes. Go to settings and discover a wide range of themes. If you don’t want to use a theme, be creative, and create your theme using individual customization options.

Emojis: Texting without emoji isn’t fun, and you all must agree to this. Adding relevant emojis to the text message makes it more attractive and fun to read. FMWhatsApp provides you a lot of new emojis that you can send to friends or a special friend.

No more limitations on video length: The FMWhatsApp mod allows you to send longer videos to anybody in your contact list. The official version of WhatsApp allows you to send videos of up to 100 MB, which is very less, even a 15-sec video takes more than 200 MB in new devices.

With FMWA by Fouad Mods, you don’t have to share drive links or any other media sharing service links. You can send videos of up to 1 GB in size.

In-app lock: Another exciting feature of Apk that is soon to be launched in the upcoming update of official WhatsApp is the in-app lock support.

FMWhatsApp app lock lets you set a pin, pattern and fingerprint lock. Therefore, you don’t have to install any third-party app to prevent your friends or cousins from reading your personal chats.

Hide my last seen: If you have ever used GBWhatsApp, you might be familiar with last seen freeze feature. With this feature enabled, you can hide your last seen from your contacts. Another best thing about this feature is that you can still see your contacts’ last seen.

Hide ticks: Hiding last seen isn’t enough so, the developer has also added an option to disable double tick, blue tick. Therefore, you can stay online without getting noticed by anybody.

Dual WhatsApp mode: This is not any feature in the app, but FMWhatsApp doesn’t interfere with the official version of WhatsApp. That means you can keep both official WhatsApp and this Mod installed in your device.

Make sure you use different numbers in both of them as WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to log into more than one devices with the same number.

Root free: If you have heard this rumor that you need to root your phone to use FMWhatsApp, then don’t believe in those myths.

This app doesn’t require any special root access to function on your device. If you have downloaded FMWhatsApp from any random site and it asks for root permission, kindly uninstall it.

Anti-revoke mode: One of the best features of the app is the anti-revoke feature. With this feature enabled, no deleted messages would be able to escape from you. Whether it is a photo, doc, video, voice message, or a normal text message, the anti-revoke mode will bring back the message to you.

Hide the name: If you hate kids or any random person sneaking into your phone while you are texting, you can enable this option. You can hide the name of the person you are chatting with.

Disable calls: The official version of WhatsApp should also bring this feature so that we can get rid of the friend who calls us for every little thing. FMWhatsApp listened to its user’s requirement and introduced a feature that, when enabled, can block audio and video calls for either an individual contact or everyone in your contact list.

Bypass status limit: At times, you might want to share a funny clip of more than 30 seconds long, but WhatsApp allows you to post a video status of up to 30 seconds short. But with this app, you can share videos of up to 5 minutes.

Download Status: Another useful feature of FMWhatsApp that gives you an easy way to download the status of your contacts. You don’t have to rely upon any third-party app or tricks to download the statuses of your friends.

Cool features, isn’t it? There is a lot of stuff you can do with FMWhatsApp, so without wasting your time, let us move to the download and installation section.

As we all know that the mod Apks are not legal at all as they do modifications on the application without the permission of the developer. This is totally unethical and that’s why FMWhatsApp is not listed on Google Play Store. So, if anyone wish to download this application, it can be done from any outer sources, such as our website. To be safe, you can click on the fresh download link which we have provided below. You will be moved to the download page of the application after clicking the below link.

Download FMWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2021

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App Name FMWhatsApp
Version v8.51
Last Updated Today
App Size 40.55 MB
Downloads 100,000,00+


How to Install FMWhatsApp on your Smartphone?

You need to install the FMWhatsApp Apk v9.0 file after downloading it on your smartphone. To install FMWhatsApp apk on your android smartphone, follow these steps.

  • Download the latest version of FMWhatsApp apk from our site. We have provided a direct download link.
  • Before the download starts, make sure you select the download location that you remember, and if you don’t, you can check the downloads from the browser.
  • Tap on the download button below to begin download.
  • Go to Settings>Security> Device administrator> Unknown sources and enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Go the downloads folder or the custom location that you selected for FMWhatsApp Apk.
  • Tap on the Apk to install.
  • It would take a couple of seconds for the app to install.

The setup procedure is the same as the official version of WhatsApp. You must use a different number, or you can use the same number, but you will be logged out of the official WhatsApp app.

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Is FMWhatsApp safe?

FMWhatsApp is safe to use; as of now, no malware or security issues have been detected in this app. But everyone is more aware of privacy these days and to be precise, it doesn’t violate any privacy policy and is safe to use.

Keeping this in mind, the development of the modded version is done by a not so famous developer, so there might be chances that the app could have been modified in such a way that it sends your details like email, number, and username to its servers.

Though, it is not a matter of worry as almost every other app on play store is doing the same to provide personalized ads to the users. In brief, using this mod wouldn’t cause you any issues like your image being put up on the dark web for 50 percent off.

Final Verdict:

Whatsapp is the best medium to convey messages and share documents. But the limitations can sometimes frustrate you. To bypass these limitations, a lot of mods of WhatsApp has been developed over the years out of which FMWA stands tall.

In this article, we have explained everything about the download and installation of FMWhatsApp Apk. We have also listed the best features of FMWhatsApp v8.51 Apk. If you face any difficulty, drop down your queries in the comment section.

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