LG Wing 5G: Review, Specifications, Price, Worth Buying?

LG Wing series is a very popular smartphone in the international market with its stylish looks and high-end features. LG Wing series has been one of the highly demanded smartphones in the market with its unique and striking looks and modern operating system which allows the users to perform smoothly even with a slow internet speed. The latest smartphone from LG has introduced some new features and added some amazing features along with the increase in the storage space and memory of the smartphone which enables the user to store large multimedia files easily. It is now capable of streaming videos from the internet via YouTube. Let’s check out in detail how the LG Wing series helps in maximizing the benefits of LG smartphones and provides a convenient, simple and hassle-free way to use your LG Wing series.

LG Wing series has two modes Quick Panel and Secure Digital Continue where in the first mode you can view all the applications without leaving the current application which is an exceptional feature of this smartphone. You can also perform other tasks like browsing, viewing images and listening to music while your job is in progress using the second mode of this smartphone which offers a fully functioning home button. In addition to it, the LG Wing series has the innovative Dual Shot Camera wherein the main display there is a small camera and when you take a photo the image is automatically shown on the secondary display. This feature of the LG smartphone allows you to change the images according to your mood.

LG Wing 5G Review

LG Wing 5G – Its Design And Display Is Amazing


LG Wing series has some interesting features like Dual Shot Cameras wherein it allows the users to shoot multiple photos at the same time without any loss of quality. LG has introduced some amazing features in this smartphone like Air Gesture Shot. Gesture Shot is very similar to snap feature present in many smartphones but in this case you can also draw something on the screen using capacitive buttons. You can also make and get phone call using LG Wing series which is a great feature for this smartphone. But the main problem of LG Wing series is its price tag which is quite high in comparison to other smartphone available in the market.

LG Wing series offers best gaming experience to its users along with some great features. LG has incorporated some amazing features in its phone like Quick Panel and Secure Digital Continue where in the first you can view all the installed applications but in the second you can also make and receive phone calls. This feature of LG smartphone allows you to manage your appointments in a better way as you don’t have to switch from one application to another. You can simply switch from camera to gallery or contacts with LG Wing 5G.


If we have to compare LG Wing series with other mobiles such as Nokia E71 and iPhone we would find out that LG Wing series is ahead when it comes to power as it offers more than 5 hours of talk time on per clock hour. It has also got plenty of memory capacity which allows you to download and store plenty of apps on your phone. All these features and more are the unique feature of LG smartphone which makes it superior from the other brands. You can easily buy LG wing series from any electronic retailer of UK and get the handset according to your needs.

Now let us move on to compare LG Wing series with other popular smartphone brands such as Nokia E71, iPhone etc. The specifications of LG Wing range is so similar with iPhone that it may look the same to some people eyes but its real feature is that it has got one of the most powerful processors in the world along with amazing features. When it comes to cameras, the LG Wing series offers a lot of memory capacity which enables you to shoot high-quality pictures and videos. This is why people who are looking for a mobile phone with high memory capacity and also capable of recording videos choose the LG Wing series instead of other brands. This is also one of the reasons why the LG Wing series has become popular among users.


LG smartphone has some of the best colours in the market with its whole range of LG aurora grey and LG gold colour options. LG wing series has got some of the best colour options which give it an attractive look and feel which many users love. With the introduction of new colour options in LG aurora grey and LG gold colour options in LG Wing series, buying an LG smartphone has become a difficult task nowadays.

Final Verdict:

LG has made the mobile phone easy to shop with its easy to browse and search functions and its affordability which makes it one of the most preferred products in the market. On the other hand, its great display and high-quality image clarity make this device stand apart from others. Apart from this, the LG Wing series also offers some of the best accessories and cheap LG phones with various deals and discounts on LG phone products. This is why the LG Wing series is loved by users around the world. So if you are looking for an LG smartphone that gives you some of the best displays, good sound quality, excellent cameras and high-end prices then the LG Wing series can surely fit you in the budget which you are planning to set for.