The Best Inverter For Home Will Have These 6 Features

Tired of waiting for power to be restored every time there is a cargo shedding in your area? Buying an inverter can help you avoid these problems. Saves you the pain you have to go through during a prolonged power outage. Plus, it prevents voltage fluctuations from damaging your appliances. Whether you need an inverter for your home or office, it is always recommended that you do a little research on the latest features, the technology used, and other important factors to help you make the right purchase decision.

To make the process easier, we present the top key features to consider when looking for the best inverter for home.

  1. Wi-Fi connectivity

Buying a smart inverter with Wi-Fi connectivity can come in handy in many ways. Like their smartphones and watches, the latest inverters also come with a Wi-Fi-enabled feature. This helps you control the inverter and obtain information remotely through a mobile app. All you need to do is download the remote monitoring app and you are all set up.

  1. Silent operation

According to their technology, inverters can be classified into two main types: sine wave and square wave inverters. We recommend that you buy a sine wave inverter as it has many benefits. Unlike square wave inverters that produce a constant hum, sine wave inverters produce minimal noise.

  1. Higher battery charge

An inverter is only as good as its battery. Choose a good The quality inverter is essential, as it increases the performance of the battery and increases its useful life. Plus, it provides additional benefits such as fast charging, battery type selection, adaptive battery charge monitoring, and longer warranty periods.

Note: Make sure the inverter battery capacity matches the capacity of your inverter.

  1. Revolutionary design

Today’s inverters come with a clean and compact design that best suits your home décor. They are made with unique edging on the front to give them a sleek and stylish look. These inverters are small enough to accommodate the space demands of modern homes. You can install them in your home without hampering your overall decor.

  1. Minimal maintenance

Gone are the days when you had to worry about regular maintenance of your inverter. A good home UPS inverter requires little or no maintenance. One such example is Luminous India’s Icon series of inverters that allow for hassle-free recharging and are easy to maintain.

  1. Safe for children and the environment

Modern inverters come with special protection features. They are manufactured in such a way that no loose or dangling cables protrude from their surface. This ensures the safety of your children and pets. Furthermore, these inverters do not cause harmful emissions, noise or pollution. Therefore, it is also safe for the environment.

Word of advice

If you want to avoid running from post to post while searching for the best home inverter, it is recommended that you go with a reputable brand like Luminous India. Their inverters come with several unique features, such as surge protection, UPS mode that eliminates fluctuations, low voltage battery charging and many more.

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